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Our extensive enclosure product range gives you multiple options for device and equipment manufacturing and installations.

Fibox is the pioneer in manufacturing enclosures and cabinets. Our polycarbonate enclosures are potential competitors to aluminum, sheet steel, or stainless-steel enclosures as well as enclosures and cabinets of other materials.

Fibox polycarbonate enclosures are IP and IK-rated (check for the individual model to see the rating) and are weatherproof in all circumstances. Waterproof, UV-protected, and still easy to maintain. Our enclosures keep valuables safe and can be used in many different locations. They can be used in many hazardous environments, and they take a fair amount of hits and abuse without risking the contents. Ideal for industrial control, IoT, and building automation, for instance. Our enclosures and cabinets are corrosion-free and radio-frequency transparent, too.

Polycarbonate enclosures are in our DNA, and if you need customized enclosures, you can always reach us. From standard enclosures to customized solutions, you can be sure the right solution will be found with Fibox.

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