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Large-scale and small-scale infrastructure projects are all around us and FIBOX is a part of those to deliver durable enclosure solutions

Fibox has been helping to make these projects possible for nearly 60 years and continues to evolve and innovate with the world. Our family of enclosure products includes a range of infrastructure and utility applications for telecommunications, power grids and smart grids, water and waste management, and highways and railways around the world.

Backed by our industry-recognised know-how, application expertise and support for our partners, all Fibox enclosures for infrastructure projects are exceptionally durable and include fully certified tested control panels and power distribution panels.


  • Product portfolio covering most typical infrastructure and utility applications: telecommunication, power/smart grid, water and waste, highways and roads, railways,
  • High quality products ensuring long term durability in outdoor applications
  • Extensive application expertise
  • Excellent product availability through a network of wholesalers and distributors
  • Fibox offers complete tested control and power distribution panels