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About Fibox

Fibox is a global leader in enclosing solutions, putting design and innovation at the forefront of everything we do.

With our Nordic roots and headquartered in Finland since 1966, we create robust and industry-leading products and solutions, protecting power distributions, control systems, and electronic devices from the realities of their harsh surrounding elements and environments.

Backed by nearly 60 years of industry experience, Fibox has been a true pioneer in the enclosure solutions industry, while staying true to our Finnish roots and simplistic Nordic design of our products. As the architect of the world’s first modular enclosure to be injection moulded from polycarbonate plastic, Fibox was responsible for engineering the beginning of a new era in electrical panel building.

The introduction of our modular plastic enclosures was the first of its kind for low-voltage, power distribution panels. It’s our mission to combine the trusted Fibox global brand and technical leadership with the values and solutions that our partners and customers have demonstrated as contributing factors to their own achievements. As Fibox has continued to evolve, we also design and manufacture the mechanics of plastic and aluminium custom housings. In addition, we offer fully-tested electrical and automation systems, including those behind today’s electrical vehicle charging technology, automotive heating and more.

All of the products we manufacture are sustainable and designed to last. And we do so with a strong focus on efficiency, passing on more energy and resources for our planet.


As the Fibox story continues and as we maintain our commitment to innovation and technical leadership, we remain fully committed to our customers and the unique needs that each has. It is with the input from our globally-expanding customer base that we are able to seamlessly innovate while creating new products and new value-adding services.

Making quality products even better is what Fibox does. And it’s what Fibox will continue to do. It’s all a part of maintaining our worldwide technical leadership, with a genuine commitment to creating business-differentiating solutions for our customers. Whatever your application, Fibox offers a full range of premium-quality enclosures packed with features, all for the protection of electrical and electronic components and systems that help keep the world operating.