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Partnering to make an impact in sustainable mobility

Were you one of the many Brits recently trapped in traffic, hoping the sluggish stream of cars in front of you wouldn’t drain the petrol station dry before you arrived?

The ‘fuel crisis’ that swarmed the UK in September 2021 brought an experiential clarity to just how much we all depend on readily available supplies of non-renewable fossil fuels. This fuel shortage also awoke many of us to how precarious and limited those supplies are becoming.

In addition, media publicity and the experience of loved ones have unfortunately taught us how burning fossil fuels to power our multimodal transport system is causally linked to the rise in respiratory disease and the devastating effects of global warming.

Fortunately, we are seeing headway in this area, with the transition to a sustainable and emission-free transport ecosystem well underway in the UK and worldwide.

As a leading global manufacturer of injection-moulded electrical enclosures, Fibox is working closely with Connected Kerb Ltd, an innovator in the field of Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions.

As one of the UK’s leading charging point providers, Connected Kerb delivers future-proof, cost-effective and sustainable EV charging solutions for the public sector, developers, fleets, workplaces, car parks and long-dwell destinations, helping to accelerate the transition to EVs for all. In 2019, Connected Kerb won the SEAL Environmental Initiative Award – one of the world’s most prestigious environmental awards – for their environmental and sustainability initiatives.

Connected Kerb distinguish themselves from other EV Charging providers in that their technology offers a two-part solution.

Their system comprises of an above-ground charging socket and a power and data pack positioned beneath the pavement within a protective steel box, securely housed in Fibox high-integrity electrical enclosures.

Fibox have been injection moulding high-quality electrical enclosures for over 50 years.

Providing protection to systems and devices in a range of harsh elements and demanding locations around the world, Fibox enclosure products are well known and trusted internationally.

In partnering with Fibox, Connected Kerb are confident that Fibox enclosure products will continue to be reliable and dependable in helping them offer a smart cities platform solution that integrates power and data at the kerbside and delivers an excellent EV charging experience.

Connected Kerb is collaboratively involved in the Assure Charge Project, which aims to improve the EV user experience. Adding sensors to physical charge points and utilising charge point data enables real-life information to be captured and applied to offer predictive and preventive maintenance. Connected Kerb is well ahead of the game, with their systems able to support more than only EV charging. They can also support sensing technologies that are vital for environmental and air quality management, incorporate parking management sensors and provide payment platforms support for worldwide deployment.

In the near future, with Fibox enclosure products providing assured protection, the Connected Kerb system will power data needed for even more impactful developments in advanced mobility and transport technologies.