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Fibox Charging Solutions awarded the Key Flag symbol in recognition of products manufactured in Finland

Fibox transferred the manufacturing of its EV charging and car heating products from Poland to Finland, following the completion of a new modern assembly plant in Sääksjärvi, Lempäälä, in the spring of 2023. The Association for Finnish Work has now granted the Key Flag symbol to Fibox Charging Solutions Oy's electric vehicle charging and car heating products in recognition of their Finnish origin.

Fibox Charging Solutions Oy is a part of the Fibox Group. Having separated from the renowned conglomerate Fiskars in 1991, Fibox carries a deep-rooted Finnish heritage. Thus, the first awarded Key Flag symbols mark a significant milestone for the entire Fibox Group.

"With the Key Flag symbol, we want to convey to our customers and stakeholders that we find it important to invest in Finnish labor and production. The symbol allows us to emphasize our commitment not only to the high quality of our products and work but also to the well-being of Finnish society," says Hannu Turunen, Head of the Fibox Group.

"Internally, the symbol is a message to our employees that we value their contribution to the products and intend to continue investing in domestic workforce. It also serves as a shared goal for the team. Together, we uphold the quality and design of our products as worthy of the Key Flag symbol," emphasizes Stefan Backman, Managing Director of Fibox Charging Solutions Oy.

Most of the value chain for Fibox charging and heating products is Finnish work and production

The Key Flag symbol is a sign of Finnish work. The symbol may be awarded to a product manufactured in Finland. In addition, the domestic content of the product must be at least 50 per cent of its break-even cost. The calculation takes into account all production costs of the product.

"The domestic content of our electric vehicle charging and heating products is over 80%. Our products are designed and assembled in Finland. All plastic components of our products are manufactured in a Fibox factory in Finland. Sales and marketing of our products are also largely the result of Finnish work, and we collaborate with various Finnish partners who share our values of Finnish work and origin," explains Backman.

Sustainability values go hand in hand with domestic production at Fibox. As the plastic components of the products are injection-molded in Finland, it is possible, for example, to use predominantly renewable emission-free energy, reducing the carbon footprint of the products.

Conquering the European EV charging market with the Key Flag

The electric vehicle charging and car heating business separated from the Fibox Group to become its own subsidiary, Fibox Charging Solutions Oy, in January 2023. The separate company has been a crucial steppingstone for the electric vehicle charging business, enabling the resources and operational methods required for massive growth. The growth is not limited to Finland alone; the company aims to become a significant player in Europe within a few years.

"We have identified plenty of exciting opportunities in Europe, as many markets are just getting started with charging infrastructure. When we export our products, the Key Flag symbol is our way of communicating the origin of our products. Finnish origin means high quality in design, components, and assembly," says Backman.