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Traffic monitoring,

Location: Poznań, Poland
Year: 2014
Building facts: Fibox cabinets are seen all across the city

Paweł Wieliński
+48 6093 3232 8

Poznań traffic monitoring

Poznań joined the list of cities with ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) in 2014.

ITS is an advanced application which aims to provide innovative services relating to different modes of transport and traffic management and enable users to be better informed and make safer, smarter, and more coordinated use of transport networks.
Some of these technologies include calling for emergency services when an accident occurs, using cameras to enforce traffic laws, and signs that mark speed limit changes depending on conditions.

The ITS project was overseen by Siemens and Yunex, who installed hundreds of ARCA cabinets over a few years. 


Fibox has provided the systems with products for housing of AC/DC devices, overvoltage protection, data routers and batteries. Our cabinets are used for protection and connections of devices within systems like automatic traffic measures/control and automatic number plate recognition.
The systems use ARCA cabinets, which perform excellently in outdoor applications.
All devices were installed on the poles with pole mounting kits from Fibox. 

Fibox products were the best choice for this project because of product quality and excellent technical support capabilities. Our cabinets provide increased protection to the electrical components of the systems, as well as excellent UV resistance.