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5G Network,
South Korea

Location: South Korea
Year: 2019, partnership goes back to 1997
Project facts: World's first 5G network. Serves the whole country of South Korea.

Min Huh
+82 32 814 6742

South Korea'S 5g network

South Korea became the first country in the world to launch a nationwide 5G network and commercialize 5G services.
The country's three big telecommunications firms have extended 5G coverage to more than 90% of urban areas.
The 5G download speeds can reach 800 megabits per second, about ten times faster than 4G, according to the South Korean government.

"The basic 5G infrastructure will provide the foundation to accelerate technological innovations such as autonomous driving and the metaverse," said a representative from SK Telecom.


Fibox has had a partnership with Korean telecom companies since 1997, when 2G service was introduced via SK Telecom.
Since 2019 all three major telecom companies have been continuously using Fibox products for the power distribution of their 5G repeaters.
The Fibox products, PC 2819 PC 2828, PC 3828 and ARCA 3232, have terminals, breakers and surge-protectors installed inside them.

Some companies previously used aluminium enclosures for their repeaters, but were looking for better options. Fibox enclosures are built with special polycarbonate, which makes for easy installation and lower costs while still being extremely durable.
The quality of Fibox products that were used have received many thanks from the customers and they have been in continuous use since installation.
We ensure a smooth partnership with our customer-oriented services and good and reliable communication with the client.