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Fibox partners with Abloy for a good cause

Fibox Group joins supporting a wonderful charity event and help towards seriously sick children and their families. Team Rynkeby is a Nordic charity event, where teams cycle to Paris every year and in that way collect money to children with cancer and their families, as well as to cancer research and development. Event is already a tradition and many European countries participate. The Grand Finale is in July 2022 in Paris, when the cyclists reach Paris on their long journey from Finland. 

Mika-Matti Rajaniemi from Fibox tells:

“We are happy and proud to support an event that fits with our company values. At Fibox, we want to support this valuable work. At the same time we want to encourage everyone to lead an active life, to which these cyclists also commit in order to manage their goal and spreading the important message at the same time. Both aspects are combined in a great way in this project; active lifestyle and helping a very important group.”

 The teams start their season every year on the 1st of October and end it to Paris on the first week of July. During the season, members are committed to gain funds, doing things together and physical training. In this project, the cyclists pay for their equipment themselves and all the costs relating to it, Eckes-Granini and the targeted organizations take care of all the administrative costs. In this way also our contribution finds its way directly to children and young people affected with cancer and to cancer research.

Team Rynkeby – God Morgon -project is lead with volunteer force, with the goal that more and more children with cancer would get better and live a healthy adulthood. In Finland, every year 150 children are affected by cancer and still every 5th child does not make it, even though the treatments have improved significantly in 30 years. In 1980's every 4th child was healed. There is still much room for improvement but we need to make sure to give enough funds for cancer research, otherwise there is a risk that the research cannot keep up with the developments.

This season 350 cyclists and 80 support staff participate to charity event. Participants come from 9 countries; Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Faroe Islands, Iceland, Germany, Switzerland and Belgium. Fibox is part as the Gold Sponsor of Finnish Jyväskylä-Kuopio team.

You can follow the Jyväskylä-Kuopio team's trip to Paris and Finnish Team Rynkeby God Morgon here:

Fibox Group – Abloy -cooperation

Abloy and Fibox Group have been partners for many years. 

 “The cooperation with Fibox and Abloy has grown steadily last years and both parties are fully committed to a long- term and confidential partnership. A profound partnership in business requires, in my opinion, a deeper common values and I feel that both Fibox and Abloy have that. The fact that Fibox wanted to participate in this project proofs that and that important things matter. It's truly nice to work with such parties, whose values and thoughts are not limited to negotiations and business talks, but that things can be looked at with a wider scope"   tells Pia Räty from Abloy

”Abloy is the market leader on it's field and a very well known brand. We want to continue our growth on international safety solution and infrastructure markets. Continuously developing and growing cooperation with Abloy supports our goals to do this in the best possible way. Values based on trust, innovation and continuous urge to  develop, as well as our Finnish roots are some of the things we share as companies” Mika-Matti Rajaniemi mentions.

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For further information, please contact

Mika-Matti Rajaniemi
Executive Vice President Head of Business Line