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Fibox Denmark: 30 years with thermoplastic enclosures and cabinets

In 1991, Fibox Oy was founded. Then we expanded our business to France in 1992, to Sweden in 1993, and in January 1994 our Danish sales organization was established.

Since then, Fibox A/S has supplied the Danish market with enclosures and cabinets for the protection of electrical and electronic components.

Because of that, 2024 is a very significant year for us, and there is no doubt that a lot has happened since the formation of our Danish sales organization. Colleagues who are no longer in the company, the hiring of new employees, an expansion of our product range, new production facilities, thousands of meetings, participation at fairs, different celebrations, and much, much more.

30 years have flown by, but the fact that we have contributed by supplying the Danish market with our solutions for three decades now is something we see as an achievement and something that we are proud of.

To cement this milestone, we have taken an updated photo of our Scandinavian team and would like to take the opportunity to thank all our customers, partners, distributors, and wholesalers for the cooperation, which we hope will continue for many years to come.

Cheers for the next 30 years!