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Location : Paris, France
Year : 1889, FIBOX in use since 2002
Building facts : Seven million annual visitors, most-visited paid monument in the world

Fibox PC 125
With a special socket mold 

Ralf Posselt
+49 172 6921592


The Eiffel Tower is a historical landmark in the heart of Paris, France. It's frequently featured as a backdrop in movies and a variety of TV shows.
The tower opened in 1889. It was named after Gustave Eiffel, the engineer whose company designed and built the tower. At 324 metres tall, the attraction held the record for being the tallest structure in the world from 1889 to 1930. On an average day over 25 000 people are visiting the tower and its surroundings. 
Since 2000 the tower has been lit with electric lights. The lights are iconic and the show of flashing lights in the evenings claims the awe of millions of people.


Fibox is responsible for the enclosures that house the lights of the Eiffel Tower. Fibox PC 125 was used in this project, with a few custom modifications.
The installation process was unorthodox and required a rope climber: we found a viable solution via designing a special latch for this purpose. 
Our products have been in continuous use since 2002, which showcases the immense quality and endurance of our product line.
Our products are designed to last a long time and to withstand all the different elements, in Paris as well as everywhere else. 
Fibox ensures the best possible implementation process by having engaged people, fast communication and great teamwork with the client.


In this video of a celebration of the Eiffel Tower turning 130 years old you can see how impressive the installed lights can be.  

Fibox PC 125 plays a major role in the lighting by protecting all the important electrical components of the complex lighting setup.