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KGHM Copper Mines

Location: Poland
Year: 2016
Building facts: Hundreds of cabinets with Fibox products are placed underground

Paweł Wieliński
+48 609 332 328

KGHM Copper mines

The copper mine is owned by KGHM, a state-owned company that employs over 34 000 people. KGHM is an industry leader in the global mining industry and controls over 40 million tonnes of copper ore. The mine is an important part of KGHM's global mining network, as this south-western part of Poland has the largest deposits of copper ore in Europe.

The environment of the mine is challenging: humidity levels often reach 90% while temperatures range from 30 to 40 Celsius. The salinity levels are extremely high, and the atmosphere contains hydrogen sulfide. Therefore our Fibox solutions had high standards to meet.


Fibox has provided the mine with products for power supply to the ventilation systems, AC devices, wastewater pumping systems, lighting and repair equipment. The mine uses ARCA cabinets, which are the first plastic/non-corrosive products approved for underground use.
All devices in the mine are fitted with Schneider Electric, ABB, Mennekes and PCE components.
SPAKOP Częstochowa, an OEM delivering to KGHM, was our client who manufactured and delivered the devices to KGHM. 

Given the harsh environment of the mine, Fibox products are the best choice because of the mechanical resistance, non-corrosive materials and competitive price compared to the previously used stainless steel products.