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Fibox values its customers and we like to think the customer relationships more like partnerships and rather in decades than in years

The industries we are present at

Fibox works in the most challenging environments and industries. Securing the crucial elements every day, every year, every decade.

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Close to the customer - celebrating 30 years of fibox

Fibox’s philosophy of being close to the customer has been the secret behind its three decades of success. The Niemi family believes it’s the...

Partnering to make an impact in sustainable mobility

Were you one of the many Brits recently trapped in traffic, hoping the sluggish stream of cars in front of you wouldn’t drain the petrol station dry...


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The Fibox MNX range of IP67 polycarbonate weatherproof industrial enclosures is considered ideal for those heavy-duty applications where a robust yet aesthetically pleasing product is required.

That is why the FIBOX MNX range was chosen to house the prestigious lighting scheme on one of the worlds most recognizable and visited landmarks… THE EIFFEL TOWER.

By working closely with the tower’s lighting design team, FIBOX was able to offer a tailored solution exactly to specification. This included a specially moulded cover to optimize light output, and a neutral-coloured base to help make the lighting installation as unobtrusive as possible. In total, 22,000 enclosures were installed, each housing a single lamp. The effect is truly stunning!


Utö island

The oldest Fibox enclosures are located in Utö island in Finland. They were installed in 1971.

The Baltic sea offers wide range of harsh conditions that protective enclosures need to face. Cold winters and warm summers with direct UV-radiation. Salty sea makes environment also corrosive therefore Fibox enclosures have been optimal solution for long life time use.






Incheon Bridge

The Icheon Grand Bridge is South Korea’s longest spanning cable-stayed bridge and the fifth largest in the world.  The bridge was opened in October 2009 and connects Incheon Airport to Songdo.

Fibox enclosure products are being used to control bridge safety applications.






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Protection Window

Have a need for protecting your HMI screens or control units in harsh environment? We have solution that keeps your control equipment protected while still allowing easy access when needed.

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Car wash vs enclosures

Car washing is place where high chemical and corrosion resistance is present. Therefore choosing right enclosure raw material is important.

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Enclosure catalogue

Fibox enclosure product catalogue gives you full in-depth understanding of our enclosure and accessory offering.

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