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Industrial plants

The interlinking of industrial plants and their equipment with 5G and future modernized networking technologies require enclosure solutions that endure and withstand rigorous demands and high usability

To achieve long-term stability and protection of equipment around the world's industrial plants, high-quality enclosure products are essential in addressing concerns around damage and destruction of equipment and implementations.

As an industry leader in enclosure products designed specifically for the demands and severities around industrial plants, Fibox provides end-to-end application expertise and technical support, along with a global network of wholesalers and distributors, ensuring enclosure product availability no matter where the need arises.


  • Variety of products catering for all typical applications in power distribution and control and measurement applications
  • Support in MRO and new investments
  • High quality products ensuring long term durability in industrial environments
  • Application expertise and technical support
  • Excellent product availability through a network of wholesalers and distributors